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5 Sugarless Stocking Stuffer Ideas

santa holding a toothbrush

Tis’ the season for sugary treats filling up stockings hung by the fire. As dental professionals, when we see that the majority of stocking stuffers on display in stores are sugary, sticky sweets, we can’t help cringe.

While we would never encourage you to skimp on the holiday magic, we want to offer you some non-cavity inducing stocking stuffer ideas that your kids will love! 

Electric Toothbrush

Brightly colored, fun prints, and seasonal themed options make any toothbrush an amazing gift for your little one. Take things to the next level and upgrade this stocking stuffer to an electric toothbrush. A good electric toothbrush can provide a better, more even clean than a manual toothbrush can, and they also come in fun colors and designs to get your kids excited about brushing their teeth – a Christmas miracle! 

A Tooth Fairy Pillow

A fun, unique gift for the small kiddos is a special tooth fairy pillow. Every child loves to place a lost tooth under their pillow and anxiously wait for their prize from the tooth fairy the next morning. Why not let the “tooth fairy” arrive to a special little pillow specifically for them to collect the tooth? It also allows the tooth fairy to retrieve the tooth and replace it with a gift without disturbing or waking up your child. 

Tooth-Friendly Treats

While most candy and treats are not especially tooth-friendly, some are safer for oral health than others. As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid sticky and sour candies as they are the worst for teeth. Instead, replace them with sugar-free candy options and even chocolate! Although chocolate is still candy, it doesn’t cling and linger on the teeth like other classic sweets. 

Novelty Toothpaste

If you can think of a flavor, it’s likely to exist as a toothpaste. Rather than the usual minty-fresh toothpaste flavors, try finding new and fun flavors to add as stocking stuffers. Switching up your child’s toothpaste flavors can make them excited to brush their teeth. When it comes to kids, a little extra motivation to take care of their oral health can go a long way. 

Toothbrush Holder

Let’s face it, kids are not the best at keeping things organized and putting their stuff back where it belongs. Their toothbrushes are more than likely found scattered along the bathroom sink, in the cabinet, and who knows where else. Add a cool, new toothbrush holder to their stocking stuffer to excite them – and lessen your own frustration over a cluttered bathroom sink. Just like the variety of toothbrushes and toothpastes out there, toothbrush holders come in many different colors and designs – making it easy to find the perfect one for your kid(s)! 

Schedule Your Post-Holiday Appointments

Give your entire family the gift of oral hygiene in 2021 with fun but practical stocking stuffers. While you’re at it, call us and schedule the first 2021 dental appointments for every member of your family and make maintaining your oral health a new year’s resolution! 

From all of us at Loudoun Smile Center, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season! 

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