Are Dental Implants Harder To Take Care Of Than Regular Teeth?

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Are dental implants harder to take care of than regular teeth? Will they set off metal detectors at airports?

Implants have been around and been used by dentists for over forty years. Over this period no reaction to titanium implants has been detected. The material has no allergenic components and is completely neutral in the body. It is never too late to significantly make your quality of life better with implants. The treatment is so low-risk that implants can be placed in patients aged up to 90 years. There is no upper age limit. If you are fit for any other routine dental treatment, and you are in the best of health, you can also have implants.

Regardless of whether you have an implant-borne crown, bridge or prosthesis: you can eat, bite, talk and laugh just as you could formerly with your second set of teeth. The denture is so firmly fixed to your implants that you can feel quite secure.

You don’t need to worry about metal detectors with dental implants. Implants are not made of metals that are magnetic. Besides, they are also much too small for the detector to detect them. And even if the metal detector does beep and detects your implants, you will have your implant passport that will explain the problem quickly and without any hassle. For your information, in contrast to orthopedic implants, the titanium in dental implants is pure and not combined with other types of metals such as cobalt-chromium which can increase detection. So go ahead and get your dental implants with no worries of a TSA officer doing an oral pat-down!

Implant-borne teeth will feel quite natural when you are talking, eating and laughing. You won’t feel any difference. If you have missing teeth and it is affecting your quality of life, seriously, consider one.

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