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In Ashburn, VA, Dr. Bachour treats your snoring and sleep apnea problems with the most appropriate and effective therapies. Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that detrimentally affects the sufferers. Sleep apnea is when the patient experience abnormal pauses in breathing. People with sleep apnea have a higher mortality rate, and often have other ailments or lifestyle problems that can contribute to sleep apnea issues.

Signs and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea often include:

  • Breathing interrupted by long or abnormal pauses

  • Snoring loudly and chronically

  • Choking or gasping, even to the point you awaken

  • Waking up with a sore throat or dry mouth

  • Enduring migraines, especially in the morning

  • Experiencing daily exhaustion even after a full night’s rest

  • Feeling irritable, moody, or forgetful

  • Dealing with insomnia

At Loudoun Smile Center, we know the importance of treating sleep apnea. Did you know that chronic, loud snoring is often the most significant indictor of obstructive sleep apnea? Snoring may be related to the constriction of the throat that occurs during nightly sleep—in those who have sleep apnea. Unfortunately, most people who have sleep apnea are unaware they have a genuine issue that needs to be treated. Many sleep apnea cases are often diagnosed after someone else witnesses the irregular pauses in breathing. At our Ashburn dental practice, we help our patients with sleep apnea, using effective treatments that open the airway and allow for easy breathing and more restful sleep.

Have you attempted to resolve your snoring issues, either by changing sleeping positions or trying over-the-counter treatments? If your attempts to resolve your snoring problems have been ineffective, it may be time to consider a sleep study to determine if you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea requires treatments that are specific to your needs—and at Loudoun Smile Center, we give you the treatment the benefits you the most. Sleep apnea treatments involve ways to keep your airway open, which allows you to get more oxygen.

There are risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea, including lifestyle choices, such as smoking or being overweight. In some cases, you may be genetically predisposed to have sleep apnea. Additionally, men are twice as likely to experience obstructive sleep apnea. At our Ashburn, VA dental office, we think it’s important for our patients to be treated for sleep apnea. If you suspect that your or a loved one suffers from the condition, contact Loudoun Smile Center as soon as possible. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea usually have one or more of the following problems:

  • Being overweight

  • Having a small upper airway

  • Smoking

  • Having a large neck

  • Being older than 40 years old

  • Drinking in excess

  • Having a recessed chin or large overbite

Dr. Bachour will discuss your sleep apnea treatment options. In some cases, lifestyle changes such as losing weight, reducing alcohol consumption, and sleeping on your side may alleviate your condition. Sleep apnea and snoring issues can also be treated with specific devices, which hold the lower jaw in a forward position to maintain a clear airway. These devices reduce snoring and improve breathing—ensuring that you enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Loudoun Smile Center offers sleep apnea therapy for patients who need treatment for sleep apnea and snoring. We offer sleep apnea therapy and more dental to residents of Ashburn, Brambleton, Lansdowne, Sterling, Dulles, and surrounding areas. Call today, 703-297-4407 to make your convenient appointment!

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